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Kim Barnes began her work in the legal field as a receptionist in 1993 and quickly moved up to the rank of secretary that same year.  In 1996, Kim took a break from working to give birth and raise her three sons.  Kim returned to the work force in 2004 as a real estate paralegal and concentrated on title examinations.  Kim has become an expert title examiner finding defects in titles that others pass over.  Kim is one of the most careful, conscientious and thorough title examiners in WNC.  Kim also has a talent for finding the lost heirs.  Her most famous case was finding the half-brother of a decedent, who we were told by his cousins that no other heirs existed.  Her find resulted in over $200,000 to the found brother.  Kim is the heart of our real estate practice.  Most days you can find Kim looking for the next deed back in the chain of title or wading through foreclosure case files.

Kim Barnes

Ann Jensen began her work in the legal field as a secretary in 1996.  Ann obtained a bachelor’s degree in home economics and chemistry and master’s degree in housing and management.  Ann left the educational field as a teacher to move into the legal field.  Her teaching years taught her skills that have been invaluable in our office.  Her vast knowledge of grammar, spelling and language makes her the heart of our estate planning practice.  She has an art for dealing with broken souls who have passed through our office.  Most days you can find Ann trying to decipher the hand written notes of our clients who have brought in proposed provisions for their will.  

Ann Jensen

Matthew Brigham joined our firm in 2014.  Matthew obtained a B.S. in psychology and biblical studies.  Matthew’s time as an overseas missionary gives him a special insight into the diversity of our clients and cultural differences within our community.  His versatility in our office has been invaluable.  There is nothing he can’t do.  His math skills and understanding of accounting principles makes him the heart of our estate administration practice.  His ability to audit, decipher and recreate the accountings of our clients have won him recognition with our local Clerk of Court.  Matthew has become our in-house expert of everything electrical, from telephones to computers, if it’s broken….he can fix it.

Matthew C. Brigham

We have represented all types of clients, from first time buyers on a limited budget to judges, CEO’s and large companies.  All of us at Brigham & Mattox care deeply about people and this community.  We look forward to an opportunity to assist you in your legal needs.

Mary Danals

Mary Danals joined the staff of Brigham Law Office in February 2016 after having worked as a legal assistant with Billy Richards, a local real estate attorney, for eleven years.   Billy had recruited Mary from the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC), where she worked as the President's Assistant.  After 22 years at NOC and having worked in various departments, it was time to pursue a new challenge.  While at NOC, Mary managed a retail store, worked on river staff and in Human Resources and worked as the President's Assistant and Board Secretary for over 10 years.  Mary assists the attorneys in contacting real estate clients, processing loan packages, and finalizing settlement statements.  Her attention to detail has earned her the name of 'Eagle Eyes' here at the office.   Mary earned a BS degree in Sociology from Miami University.

Jaime Craig

Jaime Craig, our newest employee, is a local girl having graduated from Swain County High School.  She was first exposed to working in a law office with a Franklin attorney in 1996. While she spent many years out of the law business she has returned. She brings with her a degree in Business Administration and a Income Tax Certification.  She has worked in a position working with the public since she was 13 years old and brings an understanding of dealing with clients.  She is many times the first contact our clients have with this office.  Her husband grew up in the Alarka Community of Swain County, who is also a graduate of Swain County High School. She is the proud parent of 5 children, who keep her busy in her “off” hours.